PyCharm debugging with remote interpreter not working


I have updated my PyCharm version from 2016.1 to 2016.2 and now debugger is not runing my scripts using the same "Run/Debug Configuration" as I have used in previous version. I am able to "Run" script but when I try with "Debug" nothing is happening (code is not stoped on brakepoints).
This is the output in my console:

ssh://some-address/usr/bin/python3 -u /root/.pycharm_helpers/pydev/ --multiproc --qt-support --save-threading --save-asyncio --client '' --port 39743 --file /var/www/backend/

# here should be printed one line by my script

Process finished with exit code 0

I am working on Windows 10 and using PyCharm with admin privileges.


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I've also noticed that the debugger seems to "hang" with breakpoints.  This is only after upgrading from 2016.1 to 2016.2.

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Hi Andrian! Please, provide a code sample for reproducing the issue. 

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As I downgraded PyCharm to version to 2016.1 I couldn't repordcue it on newer version. After downgrade it was working fine by some time (beacue i'va accidentally removed ale PyCharm cache), but now I've got the same result. These screenshots will show exactly whats going on:

The debugger didn't stop on brakepoint.
But when I just run the code all is working fine:

I've also noticed problem with Python Console:

Only way to fix it is to remove cache and let PyCharm upload/download all stuff needed to work with remote interperter (which takes ages in my case)

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Please, try to remove the folder .pycharm_helpers on the remote machine and configure Remote interpreter again. Does it help?

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It helped, tkanks.
Do you know how to avoid such problems in the future?


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