Can't insert tabs in text file.


I can't seem to insert the tab character \t into text files. I've done the following: 

Preferences -> Editor -> Other file types -> Use tab character

No luck. The only workaround I can find is to use a different editor to add tabs and then copy and paste them where I need them. Thoughts?



Mac OSX 10.11

PyCharm 2016.2 Pro

Emacs key bindings

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Please try File | Invalidate caches and restart and disable 3rd party plugins if you use any.

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By default Emacs keybindings don't have tab key mapped to "insert tab character" action. So in Settings > Keymap > Tab > Add keyboard shortcut > tab key.

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This keeps happening over and over..the fix (Invalidate Caches and restart) works but this happens to me twice a day...disruptive.  Does anyone know how to prevent this issue from occurring at all?


IntelliJ Ultimate 2018.3 Mac OX w/ Mac OS X 10.5+ keybind

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Hi Kabright,

Seems to be working just fine on my side. Please try starting with defaults and without custom plugins by renaming/removing configuration and plugins folders

Does it help?


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