Debugging with Chrome no longer works

I have the JetBrains IDE support chrome plugin installed. Previously I was able to click the debug in WebStorm, and it would launch my browser to the correct URL and connect. Great. But now when I click debug, it just launches a browser with _no_ URL, and I get a message waiting for connection from JetBrains IDE Support Extension. I have tried with different Chrome profiles, including the custom one that comes with Webstorm install. Same result with all.

Is this plugin broken with 2016.2?



I have solved the issue. Debugging starting working after I removed it. Still, this probably shouldn't break the debug configuration. Thanks for sharing the great article with us.


" Debugging starting working after I removed it."  What "it" and "this"?... I hate when people use pronouns when discussing technical topics... 


You can ignore Aarunpatil7252. He was just trying to spam us a link to some support web site.


Daisy, rebooting my MacBook also got the Chrome extension working again. Thanks!


You need to enable the IDE Extension..


Under Preferences / Debugger / Live Edit.. if you have "Use Jetbrains IDE Support extension..." checked... make sure you click on the hyperlink of that Extension, install it and then try again.




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