Running composer (and other tools) on restricted systems

Suppose your Windows System restricts Access rights in the program folder:

- No user app can write in the program folder.

- Applications can only be started from within the program folder.


These settings given, you need to reconfigure XAMP like so:

- Applications and other binaries Need to be placed in the programs folder.

- Apache's htdocs folder, MySQL's data folder and various log folder Need to be placed in a writeable folder [e.g. ProgramData].


Unfortunately, I didn't find a well working setup for composer and other tools to be started using the PHPStorm UI.

Do we have instructions how to configure PHPStorm in this situation?

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Are you able to set this up for using Composer only without PhpStorm? If you are, there shouldn't be any difficulties to make PhpStorm use it.


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