No type inference for a property? (Python 2.7)

Given this code:
class Random(object):
def __init__(self):
self.__x = int()

def x(self):
:rtype: int
return self.__x

def x(self, value):
:type value: int
if not isinstance(value, int):
raise TypeError("Requires type int")
self.__x = value

random = Random()
random.x = 'someinvalidstring'

I was hoping to see a red underline for 'someinvalidstring' and a helpful 'Expected type int, got str instead' tip from PyCharm. If I ditch the decorator and do something like this: random.x('someinvalidstring'), type hinting works as expected.
In PyCharm settings, the severity level is set to error for 'type in docstring doesn't match inferred type' and 'type checker' respectively.

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