How to run an external tool after the execution of my program.

Currently, if I press Shift+F10 my program compiles and run.

Is there a way to add an external tool command which would verify the output file produced by my program?

I guess I would need a post run command with something like this:

cmp originalResultsFile newResultsFile 

But I can't find a way how to execute it AFTER my program runs.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

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Not to open same discussion again just adding to this post.

I would be also interested how to run for example reporting tool after I finish executing my tests.

I'm able to launch them before because there is this option in Run/Debug configuration: Before launch.

But reports I need after execution finishes.




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Sorry, it is not possible to configure in AppCode.

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@Anna There should be some solution or a workaround or a hack.  May be I can start a separate process which would check for completion by polling the output files, then verify them and give some form of a feedback, like an Android style "toast" or something.

Anyone, any other ideas?


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