Customization of Deployment Configuration window

For a plugin I'm working on, I'm creating a custom Deployment Configuration type by subclassing ServerType.

By overriding the createEditor method I see that I can create a custom SettingsEditor panel with additional configuration options.

However, I'd like to also customize how the Deployment selector dropdown (which selects project Artifacts / Modules) works in combination with my new configuration: my goal is to create a new file navigator which allows the user to manually browse to and select a deployment artifact (e.g. a jar / war file) to be used as the target of deployment.

Currently the way the panel behaves is that if no deployment sources are found for the project, then the custom SettingsEditor panel is never shown and hence I cannot show the file selector to the user in this situation. I still need to give the user the option to manually select a deployment artifact even if one is not preconfigured for the project.

Is there a suggested workaround to get the desired behavior I described?

Official comment
There are 2 possible solutions:
1) if you are able to enumerate all the available deployment artifacts in the project, you may introduce your own Deployment Source Type and contribute all the deployment artifacts as the possible Deployment Sources
2) if you are unable to enumerate, then you may introduce your own Deployment Source Type, provide one Deployment Source as a singleton and provide deployment artifact selector via the SettingsEditor for the Deployment Source.
Hope that helps

Thanks Michael. That helps confirm my thinking.

I actually went with #2 since we didn't want to rely on there being auto-discoverable deployment artifacts.


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