External libraries - after restart no longer available


I've running phpstorm 10. Everything's works fine. I'm also be able to choose external libraries for my projects and working with then.

But very often, when I'm starting a new working day and restart phpstorm, reopen my project, the associated libraries are lost - I've to re-select them. This is very annoying.

In earlier phpstorm versions, this problem doesn't occur.

Anyone have a tip, what's could be the problem?

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Additional information, I'm a Linux Mint user.

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Hi there,

Please try reconfiguring this project from scratch:

  1. Backup and delete your ".idea" sub folder (this project settings) while project is closed in IDE, of course
  2. Use "Open" from Welcome screen (or "File | Open" if you have some another project already opened) and point to your project folder -- IDE will create new project from your files
  3. Configure it as needed (some of the config files can be re-used from backup)
  4. Any better?

So far it sounds like .idea\workspace.xml file might be corrupted (check idea.log for possible details -- "Help | Show Log in...").

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Thanks for the reply - it seems to work!


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