controlling toolwindow focus stealing behavior


I am trying to find a way to override the default focus stealing behavior for IDEA toolwindows. The use cases are:

1) i have a custom python console in my plugin which multiplexes between debug and run modes. That is displays the debug shell,when paused and the regular shell when running. I need to prevent the debug toolwindow from stealing my focus when paused at a breakpoint

2) My VC plugin has an autoupdater which inherits from AbstractCommonUpdateAction. Since it runs automatically I need to prevent the changes view from stealing focus and interupting whatever the user is doing.


Please let me know the best way of accomplishing this!



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In 'Settings' dialog (or 'Preferences' in case of OS X) you can find the option Debugger > Show debug window on breakpoint, this application-level global setting is ON by default.

As for 'Console' tab itself: there should be standard popup menu in Debugger console tab where you can find 'Focus On Startup' and 'Focus On Breakpoint' options. Uncheck them if you don't want inner auto-switching between layouts in 'Debugger' toolwindow.


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