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When I copy Datagrip contents to my clipboard and paste to excel, all values get pasted to one column with comma separation.  Is there a way to format clipboard contents so they go into individual columns?  Otherwise I have to do text to columns in excel every time.

Also, tangentially related-- I am unable to export contents to csv in utf-8.  I export Japanese characters often and seemingly the only way to get utf representation is through copying to clipboard.


Hello Andrew,

You can configure different separator for the extractor when copying content to the clipboard in Configure CVS Formats... dialog.

About encoding issue: please check Encoding Settings for the project. The project encoding set there should work.


How does that help, you didn't answer the question.



The issue here isn't DataGrip but how Excel treats CSV/TSV when pasting to a sheet.  It only knows you want that data in separate columns if you previously did a text to columns and identified the separator for your spreadsheet.

You can right-click on a query and select 'Execute to a File'.  In the next window, you can then select Excel XLSX.


Choose HTML (js) as the extractor instead of CSV, then you can copy and paste the result set into Excel or Google Sheets.


Jon Crowell Yesterday you revived a dead post with a perfect solution to the problem that I had today. Thank you for your solution and amazing timeliness :)


I created an account just to say "Thank you" Jon Crowell


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