Access MS SQL stored procedures serverside

Hi there i just started using DataGrip as my SQL IDE on MAC.

I'm working on a projekt with a MS SQL V12 server running in Azure. I have previously created allot of stored procedures on the server with the help of Microsoft SQL Server Data Tool. Since i will start working away from home on my MAC i need to be able to edit and create new procedures on the server. 

Connecting to the server and running query's isn't a problem and everything works fine but i cant seem to find the stored procedures. In SQL Server Data Tool i can see stored procedures in the Object Explorer but i cant find them using DataGrip. I know you can create procedures in script files but these only seem to be saved on my local computer, not the server.

Dose DataGrip support creation of stored procedures in the server and if so how can this be done?

Thx :)

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See "Routines" folder.


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