Catching up a local branch for merge into topic branch without checking it out


I have a topic branch, Topic B, which branched from Master. I want to keep Topic B up-to-date with Master so that the Pull Request from Topic B to Master is mergeable and so I'm using the latest and greatest.

Is there any way to do this _without_ checking out Master: Checking out master causes the project to reindex and recompile.

Basically, I want to:

  • Have Topic B checked out
  • Do a fetch of remotes and then update my local Master
  • Merge local Master to Topic B and push to keep the Pull Request up-to-date and mergeable

I have a process for doing this from the Git CLI but was wondering if Idea's Git tools support this workflow.


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Ah, I just realized that it's possible to just select/merge the remote version of master (origin/master) and just use Fetch to keep that up-to-date without checking it out.


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