IntelliJ refactoring horribly broken and unusable


For some reason refactoring is completely broken in IntelliJ 15.0.4. We have a hierarchal maven based project. I am trying to move classes from one package to another, within the same maven project. However, when I try dragging the classes and packages to another package, the corresponding package names are not getting updated in any classes, including the ones in the same project. I don't even see the dialog pop up that mentions "Finding usages...". This makes IntelliJ 15 absolutely useless for me as I am needing to refactor 100's of classes. I have done this for years and I have never seen it like this. I have tried creating a smaller project and tested again but to no avail. This currently works properly in IntelliJ 14.x.

IntelliJ: 15.0.4

Platform: Max OSX 10.11.3


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Please share a sample project to reproduce the problem. You can submit a ticket to support with the project attached.


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