Syntax highlighting works only on function, class and method definitions?




Why syntax highlighting works only on function, class and method definitions? is there any way setting up Pycharm like VS? 




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I think in this case, PyCharm is doing the right thing. Your code won't run in Python and would get flagged in pylint:

TypeError: unbound method myfunction() must be called with MyClass instance as first argument (got nothing instead)

In PyCharm, the ")" is highlighted, meaning PyCharm is giving you a warning. If you mouse over the ")", you'll see that it says: "Parameter self is unfilled". This is because you are calling "myfunction" without making an instance of the class. Several ways to fix this:

  • MyClass().myfunction()
  • def myfunction(self=None)
  • @staticmethod
    def bar():

Thus, VS2015 is telling you your Python is fine, when in fact, it won't run.


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I understand, thanks! What about color highlighting? Why function and class does not color highlighting after their definition?

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I have never really noticed because i have been using PyCharm since i started programming. But Arsen is 100% correct. PyCharm doesn't differentiate almost anything while writing execution code. 


A line like

some_module.some_function(SomeClass, some_var)

with that many different syntax types in all other "good" IDE's would have distinct visual syntax highlights. In PyCharm that entire line is the same color. 

I would even argue this is more important to python that most languages because there is no type info to help. Makes syntax highlighting that much more important.


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