Keep file indentation but display and use tabs just for editor?

I work with multiple projects where the indentation is not the same across them (one uses 4 spaces, another uses tabs, another uses 2 spaces), but I'd prefer to just use the tab key and have an arrow-key press move by the indent not by the space, so is there a way to set indentation to use x number of spaces for the projects that use spaces for indentation but have them save as spaces and let me navigate by indentation?

On the project that uses 4 spaces, PHPStorm had a warning that the file was indented with spaces (my PHP and general settings are to use tabs 4 columns across, so there shouldn't be a warning if it's converting during file save); when I click on Settings ( ), I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at is what I'm looking for, and is not the setting I configured previously -


Indents are saved on a per-project basis and unfortunately there's no option to globally override them.

As a workaround you can use Edit > Convert Indents to temporary change spaces to tabs and vice versa.



I have to do Convert Indents every time I open a file?


Yes. No alternative options are available at this moment. You can submit this as a feature request at


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