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I currently work on a Windows machine on PHP projects running on a local development Linux machine. I have the Linux machine as a mounted network drive in Windows and can open it in PHPStorm without any issues but it does get rather slow, especially when I compare with a project sitting on my C:\ drive. My current workaround is the following:

1. Checkout the repository on my C:\ drive from the repository (svn co ...)
2. Export the repository on the Linux mounted drive (svn export...)
3. Open the local version of the project in PHPStorm
4. Set up automatic deployment between my C:\ drive and the mounted Linux drive

I'm planning on setting up a Vagrant box replicating the Linux environment and using that but until then I was wondering if there is a better solution out there. It takes a couple of minutes to set up my current way of doing this so it's not bad if I'll be working on a project for a while but it does seem a bit hack-ish.


 - Alex

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PhpStorm is designed to work with local copies of project files. So in your case I would copy the project files locally and then add Linux machine as a deployment server (mounted folder) using Tools > Deployment > Configuration.


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@Dmitry Troning:

That's what I'm currently doing. It does make sense that I don't really have to export the repository first though, simply checking out locally and setting up the deployment should copy all the files on the linux mounted drive during the first deployment.

That confirms that my current way is probably the best option right now. Thanks!

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You're welcome!

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Maybe I am posting this very late as I only started using IntelliJ this year and got to mapping drives only recently when I stumbled on this issue.

This issue is not IntelliJ related this is because of the UAC, and the Shell runs with standard user permissions, it can't see mapped drives which were configured by your application running with admin rights.

Check the following link to fix this issue. This has worked for me, I hope it helps someone else who may stumble on this issue in or after 2018.


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