How to make DataGrip recognize double quotes as strings for Sybase Database ?

I started using DataGrip at work for Sybase Developement. There is a lot of legacy code already done using RapidSQL. If i run select "test"  in rapidSQL it returns test because it recognizes it as a string. But if i run the same query in DataGrip, i get [42S22][207] Invalid column name ' test' because DataGrip recognizes it as a Column. Now i know that i should use single quotes for string but there is a lot of legacy code in the system that is using double quotes. Is there a setting that i can change to get the desired behaviour ? Thank you

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It seems that the way of how string literals are detected in sql calls, sent to database should be done on jdbc driver side. 

What jdbc driver do you use for connection (please attach output from Test Connection button for the Data Source)? Thanks.


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