How to enable completely automatic updates?


Hi. I have a desktop and a laptop both having IDEA installed (IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1, Build #IC-145.257, March 15, 2016, JRE: 1.8.0_60-b27 x86, Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64). The checkbox "Automatically check updates for Early Access Program" is set in both instances. For some reasons unclear to me, there is a difference in their update behavior. When a notification about a new build appears and I click on it, the IDEA on my desktop opens a download page in a web browser (e.g. and I have to download and install the new build manually, while the IDEA on my laptop automatically downloads a patch, applies it and restarts. What could be the cause for this difference? How can I configure the IDEA on my desktop to do completely automatic updates, as the other one does?


Maybe one of the versions is getting some cached version of where patch is not available for your build number.


It seems minor versions in update.xml (yyyy.r.n) only contain patches for the same release (yyyy.r). Only the first release (without minor versions) provides a patch for the previous release.

If I take my example:

  • I was still in 2017.1.2 this morning. When checking for updates, Intellij proposed 2017.1.5 and it was able to perform an automatic update
  • now I am in 2017.1.5. IntelliJ sees there is a 2017.2.5 available, but no patch for my release: it only proposes to download the new version – instead of performing the 2 steps 2017.1.5 → 2017.2 → 2017.2.5

Basically, this means that when a new release is out, you have to do the update ASAP, otherwise the next minor release that is out will prevent you from performing an automatic update.


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