Implement Method does not work

Just updated to version 2016-1 on linux.

ctrl + i implement functions does not work anymore.

It always says that all functions are implemented (which is not true).

I had to switch back to version 1.2.4.



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Hi André.

Please find more information about new code generation possibilities in our blog.

There is a “Generate Definitions” action, which was separated from the “Implement” action in the previous EAP (located right next to it). Before that, “Implement functions” was responsible for two not so related actions – generate definitions for existing function declarations and also override missing pure virtual functions.

While currently “Implement function” action is more logical and consistent with other JetBrains IDEs, we understand that it might be a bit confusing for existing users, so we’re currently evaluating user feedback about the change. Feel free to share if you like it or not.

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Ah ok, I see.

Tahnks for the quick and detailed answer!

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if I press "Ctrl + O" to override a method, the method will be be created and implemented in header file.

With last version, only the definition was created and I could implement it in the cpp file.

The behavior of Clion has changed a lot. Where can get more information to use it right?


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