How to reference "internal" libraries

I have an Aurelia project which is divided in several projects. My folder structure looks like this



Each of those is a standalone jspm package (each have their own package.json file). Module myApp refers to myModule1, myModule1 and myModule3 via "jspm install".


in myApp/file.js I can do this:


import {Foo} from 'myModule1' //no file path here; this is referencing the logical name myModule1


but a WebStorm inspector warns me that myModule1 is not installed, therefore it can't give me autocomplete.


So my question is : How can I tell WebStorm about my internal libraries so that it recognizes their name and provide autocomplete?





So how are we suppose to do this?


Are you using JSPM? Is it a TypeScript or javascript project? Sample project would be helpful


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