is webstorm 2016.1 version supporting coffee script?

I just installed new version of webstorm and looked that my coffeescript projects has been broken at all. There is no coffeescript execution module in setting parameters and auto file grouping function (.coffee, .map, .js is grouped automatically previous version) either. I think you make another function for this into coffeescript project. Plz let me know how to make new configure on new webstorm 2016.1 for coffeescript project. thank you!!!


I made new one to test it. It was working good but previous version project status is not good. How can I update previous project configuration to new one. 


Ok, finally I found one solution for it that commenting all code in coffee file one time and compile automatically by watcher then back to normal.


Hi there,

You can force re-running of file watcher on existing files instead of editing them.


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