Can we get 21st century updates please?

Thank you for PHPStorm 2016.1, but when can we expect to get smooth updates? Like the kind of updates where I don't have to overwrite my previous app (I'm on a Mac), import the previous settings, re-enter my license, and so on. You know, the good kind. The kind that doesn't make me wonder "will I loose something with this update?", "have these guys done their homework and made the migration right?"

I have better things to do than worry about updates. Please JetBrains! Put those brains to work.

A satisfied customer that want's to be even more satisfied.


Its Java mate ;) I doubt its possible!


Some major settings were changed with this release so update indeed included few extra steps. But overall it's still close to "next > next > next > finish" pattern, isn't it?


Not even close, Dmitry Tronin. I can't update. I have to install PHPStorm anew. It prompts me to delete PHPStorm 10, and it defaults to "also delete all settings".


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