Hide/show .js and .map files

Latest version 2106.1

I'm using Angular 2 and Typescript.

Is there a way to toggle  hide/show the visibility of .js and .js.map files. 

I only want to see my .ts files in my project, but want to toggle this on/off whenever.



w.r.t the above link.

I'm not using the internal compiler, using npm.

I think this hide/show toggle on a project basis needs to be looked at by your developers.

Doing this at an IDE level is not good.

And moving files to a folder then hiding that folder is not good either.

Typescript is becoming more popular, the "noise" of generated files is annoying, especially as the code base increases.

thank you 


I forgot to say. This can be done in Sublime Text 3, files per project


My mistake, Sublime Text 3 hide/show files on an IDE basis not project.


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