Error launching IDEA (JAVA_HOME)


Windows 7
IDEA ideaIU-2016.1

Basic question I hope. I'm using the latest version of Intellij, and have the latest 64b version of the the Java JDK/JRE that I've set as my JAVA_HOME root.
Running the Intellij IDEA 1016.1(64) launch shortcut ("C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1\bin\idea64.exe") results in:

Error launching IDEA
The environment variable JAVA_HOME (with the vale of <valid path to my JDK v8 install>)
does not point to a valid JVM installation.

I've also tried changing my JAVA_HOME to the JRE location of this as well, still no go.

Is it expecting a 32b version of the JDK ? JRE?

Interesting, so if start Intellij using the idea.exe executable it works fine.

I'm confused. Can someone help unwind this?



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See .

To run idea64.exe you need to have 64-bit JDK 8 installed. IDEA should be able to detect it automatically from the registry.

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I am the exact same problem but Java is defined Idea crashed and ever since I'm not able to activate it  - I am using the paid version!

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with same problem , I found 2 solution ! depend on situation

1: first of all check java path under computer-property -advance setting-veriable environment: delete java_home.

2: remove all temp file after installing pyCharm then run it again.


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