Invalid maven home directory

Hello, I try to use my local install of Maven and not the bundled version.

But when I go to File > Setting > Build, Execution, Deployement > Build Tools > Maven

And set the property "Maven home directory :" to "/usr/share/maven" I this error "Invalid Maven home directory"

Below the output of mvn -v and echo $M2_HOME

Thanks for your help

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Same here. I'm using maven 3.3.9 and IntelliJ 2016.2.2

I was unable to run maven from intellij, however it turned out I had actually 2 distinct issues:

- Missing flag "-Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory" ; I added that flag in Settings > Maven > Runner > VM options

   => -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory=my_root_module_name

- That "Invalid Maven home directory" message in the maven settings, but it doesn't seem to affect the builds.


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