Module code completion broken in 2016.1 update

Hi everyone,

After the 2016.1 update, the code completion for JavaScript modules has severely dropped in quality for me. Functions and properties of a module are no longer automatically suggested by code completion. To illustrate the problem I created a simple module like so:

// module.js
module.exports = {
foo: function () {
return "foo";
bar: 'bar'

In Webstorm 11, code completion works as expected when requiring the module:

After the 2016.1 update, the function 'bar' and property 'foo' are not automatically suggested:

Most of these suggestions should not even show up at all, the suggestions you see in this screenshot are only exported by other modules, these modules are not even being imported in the current file.

When I switch back to WS11, code completion works fine again. 


Has anyone experienced the same behaviour with the new update? I've enabled Node.js core modules, removed the .idea/ folder several and have reset my IDE preferences with no luck unfortunately.

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works for me:



may be related to (completion is not limited to properties of imported object)

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Thanks! I think it is indeed the problem that it shows the properties for the all the exported modules in the project.

Personally I think this bug is pretty severe. One of the main reasons why I prefer Webstorm compared to Text Editors is because of the fantastic code completion. Which is especially useful when working on large CommonJS applications. With this bug, the code completion on modules is pretty much rendered useless because it shows the properties of all the exported modules in an alphabetical order, giving you pretty much no information about the properties of the module you're trying to use.

I tried the project attached to the bug and the same problem occurs for me.

Is it okay to voice my concerns about the issue in YouTrack? Thanks.

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>Is it okay to voice my concerns about the issue in YouTrack?


Sure! Please feel free to vote for this bug and add your comments there


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