Can't get context help working for JDK/JRE.


Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but I can't seem to get Intellij configured so it can perform context help on the JDK classes.

From Project Structure I select the target SDK (1.8) with the proper path. On the Documentation Paths I use which I've validated. However, when I attempt to select a java class from the editor, hit Ctrl + q  I get a dialog stating:

Documentation for String
No documentation found.

Seems sorta basic. What am I doing wrong?



Do you have Java SDK sources configured? Quick documentation works from the source code javadocs.


Try to remove JDK configuration and add it again. It should work as configured on your screenshots and I can't reproduce the problem.

If you still can't fix it, please open a ticket with support and attach idea.log ( Sample project and IDE config folder may also help (


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