Plugin versioning and updates


Yesterday i've released new plugin verision 1.4 and IDEA doesn't notfiy me that it's been updated. Last version was 1.342

Is something wrong with my versioning?

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Basically idea compares versions in following manner:

1. Splits version strings by period, underscore or minus

2. Compares each pair of chunks as integre number. So, in my case 1 == 1 but 4 < 357 and 1.4 is lesser than 1.357 :)


Yes, you are totally right, that's how it is done in IDEA. Unfortunately plugin repository doesn't notify plugin authors about this behaviour. We'll publish those rules and add a notification about possible problems during plugin uploading. I'll keep you updated on this issue!


I have a similar problem but with another behavior.

I have plugin which had the previous version as 1.0.2 than I upload a new version 1.0.3, but IntelliJ IDEA doesn't propose an update.

Could you help me with what's wrong with my versioning system?

it's for 2020.1 — 2020.1.1 (eap).

The link to the plugin -


There is an open issue in YouTrack reported for such problem: IDEA-238815 


@Jakub Chrzanowski, Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry I didn't come up with an idea to look in the issue tracker at the first.

I thought that was something wrong with my plugin's versioning system.


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