SQL Server - Navigate to a View's Source Code

I'm having trouble figuring out how to navigate to the source code for a SQL Server View.  


If I double click on the view object in the Database Tool Window, it brings up the "View Editor" which allows me to view/edit the actual data, but I cant find a way to navigate to and edit the actual sql statement.


Is it something in the properties/settings when I create a new database connection, do I need to somehow reference where the source code is, or something else entirely?


Thanks for the response.  Has the jetbrains team acknowledged the issue (didn't see a response in the ticket) and/or given an target fix date?


Craig, actually, DDL for views for MS SQL Server can be displayed in a DDL tab of the Table editor:

Does it work for you?

Mentioned issues are about Copy DDL action which copies wrong definition.


Hey lookie there,...yup works for me. I'm getting an error (invalid object name: myTable) if I try to update the file with a tweak, but it's a step in the right direction.  :-)

Thanks for the heads up.


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