How to take and export a "picture" of every application variables values while debugging in java




A question about java debug, let's imagine following situation:


I am debugging my java application (some breakpoints were set))

In my application context I have some variables with type "List"

Within these lists, some elements appear to be list as well.

Within these inner list there are again some lists.


Ok, here's my wish:

I' d like to take a screenshot with all (or some selected) variables and be able to export these values in a file.

Then I will be able to change something in my code and the re-run the application and take a picture again,

at last I will be able to compare two "screenshots" in order to check differences between them.


Is this possible right now ? If yes please indicate how to do this.

Otherwise perhaps it should be a useful feature for other developpers ?


Regards all.

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This is not yet easily available, please vote for

As a workaround now you can select variables you need from the tree and copy values to buffer. Then paste it into a text file for later comparison.

Some people use it this way:

- select some nodes, hit ctrl+c to copy to buffer

- get to a new state in debugger

- select the same nodes and use "compare value with clipboard" context menu action to show more or less nice diff


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