Auto Update?

I'm on WebStorm 11.0 build WS-143.1559.  I do a check for updates and it says I'm already up-to-date.  I swear last week it was prompting me to download an update and I waited and now it's not available?


Hi there,

Possibly you have clicked on "Ignore this update" button accidentally?

In any case: AFAIK there are no patches between major versions -- it has to be full install. So .. just go to the product page and download it.


Weird.. maybe it was a plugin asking to be updated then.  Can I undo the "ignore this update" if I did hit it?


TBH -- no idea. I mean:

  • AFAIK there is no GUI interface to the list of ignored updates -- only by editing some config file while IDE is closed.
  • I've just checked for updates in my PhpStorm v10.0.3 (previous stable version) and it shows the same ("You have the latest version" message). I'm not sure if I clicked such "Ignore..." button or not (possibly yes as I do not want to upgrade yet -- some stuff that I'm suing on daily basis has some issues in newest version ATM)

But any way: latest version is 2016.1 -- it has to be downloaded and installed in full in any case.


You can try deleting <WebStorm 11 config dir>/options/updates.xml - you will be prompted to update on restart. But, as Andriy has mentioned, there are no patch updaes between major versions, you will still have to download the full installation package from and install it into the empty folder


Thanks to you both. I still don't know why I have to install into an empty folder. 


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