Warning: Integration interrupted. There are unresolved conflicts or skipped items.


Just attempted a merge of several weeks work of just over a hundred changesets from a branch to the trunk. Spent half an hour resolving merges, all seemed to be going well. However the merge appears to have been truncated abruptly with the message:

Warning: Integration interrupted. There are unresolved conflicts or skipped items. 

It gives me no clear indication of whats in conflict or whats been skipped? how far into the merge have I got (revisions)? what am I supposed to do now?

I was careful to clear the trunk of all local changes, there was no conflict before the merge started I'm confused as to why it even broke, apparently even that information is missing.

I also cannot repeat the merge as it tells me I have local changes that conflict with the diff (form a partial merge).

Deeply frustrating and unhelpful, expected better from IDEA.


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Not sure how much of this might relate to IDEA-159045 which has been irritating me for most of the morning but as the JVM didn't crash during the merge I suspect not.

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Hello Richard,

The mentioned message is just a generic one that is reported when there are unresolved conflicts left in your working tree.

Is there anything shown in Local changes tab?

Are there conflicts reported by the command line svn?

svn st

I agree the message is not very informative. You are welcome to submit a request to improve error reporting at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA

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Well it was confusing as I did have tree conflicts where files were removed in the eariler in the trunk but were still changing in the branch (I'm merging branch -> trunk). But IDEA had identified those and marked them as tree conflicts correctly, had to step through each red block in the changeset to confirm each, which was a bit of a pain (no bulk resolve?). But these aren't what broke the merge.

I think the problem came from changes to a javascript file in the branch file that had previously been moved to a sibling folder in the trunk (JQuery plugin). i.e. the file still exists but was moved. This seems to have caused the 'Integration interrupted' when it tried to merge changes with its old location?. 

Got fairly lucky as I found one commit where a dev had added themselves to a users list, then later changed their mind and my merge only had the addition and there was only one other commit to this js script between these changes. But I had to walk back through changesets to find the point it broke. Not hints in the log either.

Managed to get my partial merge to compile, so committed that and I was able to continue the merge by ignoring the js changeset - so I'm pretty sure it was that.

Use [Select with pre filter] option then deselect the problem changesets if anybody else is wondering.

But I'm making the merges in smaller chunks now and noting down the revisions in each chunk.


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Oh one other thing I noticed was the first merge that broke, when I committed that I didn't get the successful merges in the commit description. On subsequent smaller incremental but successful merges I'm getting the merged changeset descriptions as expected.


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