breakpoint not hit when running "debug context configuration" in a file named


I am experiencing a weird behavior when i set a breakpoint in a file called

Basically the breakpoint in the file is never hit when i "debug context configuration".

For example:

    1 import some_module

    2 print 'done'

when the above snippet is placed into a file called and a breakpoint is set at say line 2 and i invoke the shortcut

of "debug context configuration" the breakpoint is hit. When the same thing is done when is renamed to

i get the unittest runner...

this sounds like a bug i suppose.



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Hi! I've created the issue in our tracker, please, follow it 
At the moment, in order to run or debug such file you should go to Run | Edit Configurations, press green cross and select Python run configuration. After that you can specify your script name and save this configuration. After that you will be able to run or debug your '' file as a regular Python file.

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