Two finger scrolling and panning in Windows 10

I'm considering buying the new Dell XPS 13 with precision touchpad, and I tried one out today.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the PHPStorm editor window to scroll or pan properly; it didn't go horizontally, even though other apps (like Excel) do. And felt nowhere near as nice as using PHPStorm on OSX.

Was this Windows (perhaps not the most recent update), or PHPStorm?

Is it possible to get it performing as nicely as OSX?


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What are the gestures/actions that are not performing well?

I'd like to try to reproduce them

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I use a nicely configured Dell XPS 15. It does a two finger scroll very well--even buttery. PHPSTORM does not pan with two fingers like Excel. It would be nice if it did.

One thing I really like about the touchpad implimentation in PHPSTORM is the pinch to zoom in and out. One thing I don't like about the XPS is no numlock functionality but that is Dell's choice. 



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Personally, I wouldn't use the zoom feature, but Mark has it right about the 2 finger pan.

You basically want to move the editor panel around with 2 fingers like you're stirring paint :)


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