Webstorm is inserting a Byte Order Mark (bom) into .html files

A few of our developers have an issue where Webstorm is inserting a byte order mark into .html files (and only html files, less and js are not affected).  They have file encodings set to UTF-8.  Upgrading to Webstorm 2016.1 from Webstorm 11 did not resolve the issue.  Neither did deleting the .idea folders.  Any ideas what is causing this and how to resolve it? This only affects a subset of our development team, but is causing issues as the BOM introduces vertical spacing in our rendered html.


WebStorm never saves files with 'UTF-8-bom' encoding... Are these files touched by any external tools (build tools, etc.)? When you create a new HTML file using File/New, is BOM mark inserted? Do you have .editoconfig in you project?


Fully uninstalling and reinstalling Webstorm seems to have resolved the issue.


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