SCSS File Watcher no longer runs on files beginning with underscore

I just upgraded IntelliJ 15 to 2016.1, and now my scss file watcher no longer runs when I make changes to imported scss files that begin with an underscore.

I have a file called style.scss that has the styles that are shared across all components on the site, and then each component also has a _component.scss file that is imported to style.scss.  The separate scss files are then compiled into a single file named style.css.

In previous versions of IntelliJ, making a change to one of the _component.scss files would trigger the file watcher and style.css would get updated, but after upgrading to 2016.1 this is no longer the case. 

Is there a way to get the scss file watcher to run on files beginning with an underscore like it did in previous versions?

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