Refreshing SBT project in Intellij Idea switches Java to 7


I was having a Play 2.4.2 scala project built with J7 in IntelliJ Idea, then I switched the project to Play 2.5.0 with J8. I have modified J7->J8 everywhere I could think of, but for some reason, when I refresh project in SBT projects window in Intellij Idea (and it also refreshes it automatically when I change build.sbt), it sets Java version back to 7 (both options Project SDK and Project language level: inProject Structure window are set back)

I've probably missed some option, but I cannot find anything that still points to J7. Any idea?

I've tried to put this in build.sbt, but it did not fix the issue:

scalacOptions ++= Seq("-target:jvm-1.8")

Sbt compiles project fine if it is compiled SBT terminal, but I prefer to use IntelliJ Idea run option.

Official comment

It should be possible to simply choose desired JDK in Project Settings / Project / Project SDK.

I fixed it manually in idea project file. It seems that update of project setting doesn't affect file, only in memory state.


Pavel Fatin, it should be but when sbt project is refreshed setting returns to previous.

IntelliJ IDEA (Minerva) IU-145.844.1
Build #IU-145.844, built on April 5, 2016
JRE: 1.8.0_77-b03 amd64
JVM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM by Oracle Corporation

scala plugin version: 3.0.2


@Danila Thanks a lot! I've changed version in iml file and now it works for me as well



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