Grails 3 Getting Started for 2016, "Cannot determine Grails SDK version




The instructions at


aren't working for the version of Grails I just downloaded,


When I unzip it into C:\Grails, replacing the previous 3.x, and then Create a New Project with Grails, Intellij says it


   Cannot determine Grails SDK version


The instructions say 


  • Grails SDK Home - your local Grails 3 installation which is represented by a library.


If they mean a JAR, then they aren't following their own diagram.  Their diagram on that page, points to a folder, C:\grails-3.0.6\grails-3.0.6.  It doesn't point to a JAR.


This seems different from the pre-2016 Intellij version.  It was able to interpret the Grails directory correctly.



Can't reproduce in 2016.1:


Ok.  I'm not getting the same thing.  There's no problem executing Grails 3.1.4 commands on the command line, but 2016 isn't seeing it.


I'll try on another PC, and then clear out the c:\Grails folder completely, and put everything back in.



I cleared out the Grails folder, and re-populated it.  Everything's fine now, thanks.


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