HTML Autocomplete (Quotes)

I'm currently running WebStorm 11.0.2 and I was curious about the quotation autocomplete in html pages.

For example, when I type <div class generally Webstorm will help me out and write it as <div class="" for me, which is wonderful. However, I'm currently working in a place where the standard is using single quotes in the html pages and was hoping that there would be a way to keep this functionality but change the quote character from " to '.

Tl;Dr; how do I change the autocomplete from

<div class=""


<div class=''


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the response, I suppose I'll just wait now, might be a while though.

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Just leave your comments in the ticket (and main thing -- do not forget to vote for it) -- more votes the higher the priority (in theory, at least).


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