Solution to "Cannot connect via SSH, but I can do so with Sequel Pro"

I experienced the issue described here, and wanted to share my solution, but the issue is closed for comments (although the youtrack there refers to a different issue).

I was getting "USERAUTH FAIL" (and not "Algorithm negotiation fail" that is addressed in the youtrack).

The problem appears to be in the ssh key I had used. While it didn't have a passphrase, it seems that it was encrypted. Apparently OpenSSH doesn't like that.

I could tell that it's encrypted by the header:

Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
DEK-Info: AES-128-CBC,EA1344F7CC19CBE4F08E86D080D9A5F6

I replaced the key with an unencrypted one, and now everything works.


I've been running into the same issue for a while and this seems to have fixed it.

Strangely though, it was possible for two projects to share the same details and one would succeed and the other would fail..


I encountered a smiliar problem when trying to use DataGrip to connect to a MySQL database. In my case the id_rsa file was encrypted with a passphrase when it was created. I no longer recalled what the passphrase was but managed to recover it following the steps outlined in Once I obtained the passphrase for the id_rsa file using Keychain Access I was able to enter it into DataGrip in order to authenticate myself to the MySQL database. I hope this information may help others resolving this issue.


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