Not understanding views


Thank you in advance for answering this:

I am a new IntelliJ IDEA user and I setup a static web project using AngularJS. I noticed in the project window that there are two view folders marked view1 and view2. Both have an html, js and test.js file in them. What is the purpose of these two views and which one should I use?  Also, there is an index-async.html file. What is the purpose for that?

Is there a tutorial I can go to to see what all of these various files are for?

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AngularJS project template just creates a copy of angular project skeleton available at View1 and view2 folders include templates for pages that will be opened when clicking the corresponding links in browser and javascript files that define the logic of these pages... index-async.html is mostly the same as index.html, but uses asynchronous .js files loading.

Seems you need a basic Angular 1 tutorial... see, - you may find them helpful



Many thanks. I will look at the tutorials. 



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