problems opening an IJ13 project in IJ16


getting back to a project after some time, upgraded from IJ13 to IJ16, now my project files seem to be uncooperative...

I see .ids, .ipr, .iws, .properties and .xml file types, was thinking one of those was the root project file that would pull everything in

the project had many modules, libraries, etc and all of those are right there where they used to be, and the whole project has the same structure as before





.ipr file is the root file that references the module .iml files. Note that it's the legacy project format and you can convert it to .idea directory based format from the File menu.


hey thanks for responding --


so, under the file menu is an option I should look for? and to get there I should just start a new project?



If you start a new project it will be created with .idea directory based format by default.

You can open the project in IDEA 13 from the backup files and convert it there, then try to open it in 2016.1 if you have issues opening the legacy project in 2016.1 (however, we can't reproduce it and .ipr projects can be open just fine in the latest version, your project could be corrupted in which case you should just create a new one).

The menu is called Save as Directory-Based Format...:


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