How to equate or exclude symlinked class?


I faced duplicated class or function when I follow those definitions. (Ctrl + Click at calling)


Classes and function are primary located at project root and PHP Include path are given as WordPress Root.

PHPStorm includes those function twice but those are same.


Can I exclude them?

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Hi there,

The usual practice in such cases is to mark this particular file as Plain Text -- this can be done via right-click menu in Project View panel

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You can try PlainTextr plugin -- it can mark all files in a folder as Plain Text in one go -- can be useful for your case.

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Thanks Andriy Bazanov.

I can find "Plain Text" is avoided from the definition. It will help me.

A project I am assigned has over 200 files and becoming more.

So I try to find add those files/dirs for iml file.

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Thanks Vladimir Luchansky

I see I can exclude symlinked files.

I tried the method but I cannot exclude files outside of the project.

I ask at youtracked issue.

Thank you.


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