IDE merge tool vs. plan 'git merge'


I tried the same operation of merging a branch on the current one, first using Intelllj and then from command line using 'git merge' (on two different repos of the same project). I noticed that the merge conflicts presented by git are simpler than with the merge tool of Intellij. It looks like when git is used from command line, it does more automatic merging before asking the user to sort out things. 

Are there different algorithms at work? And how do they differ?

I'm running intellij 14.1.5.

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These are two different algorithms (one implemented in git, and the other - in Intellij).

It is possible, that you're missing "Apply non-conflicting changes" action on the toolbar (git does it silently, that might seem as a simpler conflicts).

If it's not the case, and git does a better job - could you please paste some examples?

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that's probably the reason! I didn't know about that action, and I have therefore never used it.

I'll come back on this post if in the future I see big differences despite using the action, for now thanks.



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