The color option PHP_PREDEFINED SYMBOL was deleted in PS 2016.1 ?

Hi, I can't find the color option "PHP_PREDEFINED SYMBOL" is it bug or this options was deleted?


Hi there,

Yes, PhpStorm no longer colors pre-defined/standard PHP functions using separate style -- such functionality was removed.


I cannot believe you guys removed it without asking the community first...

I understand for you, pros, there is no need to color built-in functions since you already memorized them ages ago, but for people new to PHP this feature was invaluable. 

Hey, there is a reason defines them "Internal (built-in) functions" and has a term "User-defined functions" in place.

By trying to get rid of this just for performance increase reason, you are alienating new users from your product by silently removing feature they used to rely upon.

I am for one is forced to downgrade back to 10 just because of this single "improvement"...

What a shame.




How could you remove one of the key features for this editor? Who decided this and why was it changed? This is a game changer for my company and we will not upgrade to any new version.


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