Code Style - Brace placement in if-statements

Hi guys,


could you give me advice how i can manage my closing brace after an IF-Statement to keep on line ending, instead of new line?



should become this

but it's becoming this



Here are my wrapping and braces settings:





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Hi Patrick,

Could you please create a sample project with the same settings and share it?
I've clicked the checkboxes for 20 minutes, but it still doesn't behave the same way as on the screenshots.

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Hi Eugene,

thanks for your help! 

Here is a testproject and the codestyle settings to import.

If you remove the wrapping and then do autoformat it will wrap again



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No ideas how to manage this?

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Thank you, Patrick. It seems that there's no way to force PhpStorm to do so -  if you 'Binary Expressions' to anything apart from 'Do not wrap', it places the closing parenthesis to a new line.
Here are two feature requests on this matter:
Please vote.


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