PHPStorm 2016.1 Runs Slower and Consumes Massive Amounts of System Resources

I updated to 2016.1 about two weeks ago and I've noticed that PHPStorm now constants consumes >3GB of memory.  I've also noticed that when I am traversing folders that haven't been indexed after a system restart, there's a second or two of lag in the file explorer.  The biggest performance hit seems to be the Enter File Name shortcut.  In the past, the instant search feedback for that functionality was very smooth.  Now, there is a second or two of lag every time I use it.  When I look at my CPU usage, it spikes to 50% usage during the instant search feedback.

Did something happen to the indexing functionality within the IDE for the new release?  Are there any plans to fix it?

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Hi there,

This could be very system-specific .. (e.g. depends on your OS details .. or plugins used).

I suggest to start with disabling all 3rd party (not bundled by default) plugins.

If issue persists -- submit "proper" support ticket (link is on the top of the page --" Submit a request") where you can attach your idea.log file (Help | Show Log in...) which can help diagnose the issue.

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The culprit was the git integration plugin.  Not sure what it is doing, but turning it off restored performance


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