phpstorm 2011 EAP to 2016.1 can't import setting

my eap expired today for phpstorm 11. I installed 2016.1 but there was no option to transfer all my settings so it just opened up. I tried to do an import of the settings from 11 but I'm assuming you need to export them first. Unfortunately because I'm unable to open the EAP now, I can not export the settings. Is there a way to import the settings without the import setting feature and if not, is there a way I can get into phpstorm 11 EAP one last time to export the settings?




Hi there,

AFAIK 2016.1 version should pick up v11 settings automatically (2016.1 is actually v11 -- it's just a new versioning schema from now).

Try deleting all 2016.1 settings (location depends on your OS) -- IDE should ask for import when launched for first time.

if not -- simple renaming settings folder(s) from v11 to v2016.1 should also do the job (at least I think it should work with no major issues; well... maybe excluding plugins)

What's your OS?


Thanks for your response. It's a Mac



Well .. on Mac IDE uses 4 different locations (for each subsystem -- as per aforementioned link)

Settings should be stored in:

  • v11 -- ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde110
  • v2016.1 -- ~/Library/Preferences/PhpStorm2016.1

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