Bug in Scala Library

I try to compile a simple object in IntelliJ:

object Test02 {
def main(args: Array[String]) { println("Hello World"); }}

I got this message:

Error:scalac: Scala compiler JARs not found (module 'scala02'):

I checked the Project Structure and checked the modules.
Modules are located here:


How Can I change E: to C:/Users/asus1/ ?
Do I need to move all to E: ?

How people manage when the project and the jar are in different location ?

It seems a bug of IntellJ ...?


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If your project is SBT-based, simply refresh the project via "SBT" tool window.

If you Scala SDK is created manually, you may either edit the Scala SDK library (via Project Structure) or replace the existing Scala SDK with a new Scala SDK that uses correct JAR paths.

Is your project is backed by SBT? How exactly your project was created - have your copied the project from some other machine?

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