Question about XSD 1.1 support


1. I am trying to use the schema based on XSD 1.1 to create a XML file in Intellij. But the xs:alternatives tag is not recognized properly by the IDE.

I have enabled the XSD 1.1 in the File -> Settings menu.


How can I make this work?


2. Also, In the content assitance for tag, the tag is not closed properly. 


As per the schema, tag1 - having attribute attr1 and attr2

When I typed < and choose tag1, I am seeing the following in the editor

<tag1 attr1="" attr2="" 

But what I expect to see is (with the closing tags)

<tag1 attr1="" attr2="" />

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1. We have a bug report for this, please follow

2. Could you provide schema for the document?


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